Believe it or not, the law of attraction is powerful at helping people achieve better health overall. Whether you want to lose weight or manage your weight better, feel less stressed, reduce the amounts of aches and pains you feel, experience better recovery times from illnesses and injuries, or sleep better and experience greater energy levels, the law of attraction can help.



The law of attraction is particularly helpful with health because it features many practices that are known to help lower stress levels in general. Lowered stress has been linked to decreased risk of illness and injury, and improved health levels overall. Whether you want to improve muscle tone and increase strength, sleep better, manage diseases better, or otherwise experience greater health, lowered stress levels can greatly help.



In addition to lowered stress levels improving your health, the law of attraction can help you intentionally focus your body on healing and living a healthy life overall. One thing that is commonly expressed in the law of attraction is this: if you persistently keep your attention and focus on negative and unhealthy thoughts, you will experience physical manifestations of that through disease. Remember, the scientific side of this is the stress that is brought on by these thoughts, but there is more to it than that alone.



The law of attraction works best on your physical, mental, and emotional health when you take the time to invest in it properly. This means that you cannot expect it to change overnight. It is likely that the thoughts you have been having surrounding your health and wellness have existed for a long time. In fact, according to geneticists, they may not even belong to you. The thoughts you have about your health may be inherited through your genetic makeup. They may also be taught to you through your social conditioning growing up. For example, if you had a close family member who frequently expressed that they were in consistent ill health and it was beyond their control to do anything about it.

Following steps will help you can guide you to attract your desired health


Ask for what you want. When it comes to asking for good health, it is simple! Just say what you want, clearly and kindly. There is no need to do anything special. You do not need to jump around on one foot while you stick your tongue out or do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. Instead, simply ask for what you want. Say something like:

“I want to experience better rest, so I feel more energized.”

“I want to experience greater physical wellness so that I can stop feeling

so achy all of the time.”

“I want my physical fitness to improve so I can lift more than any of my

friends combined.”



Visualize the type of health that you want. This is the part where you get to play around and invent any creation you desire. Whether you want more energy, to sleep better, to lose weight or maintain your weight with ease, to become stronger or have greater stamina, or to become healthier if you are in otherwise ill health, you want to take the time now to visualize it. Many people have a wide variety of health goals, so the best way to use this part of the practice is to consider what a completely clean bill of health would look and feel like for you.


Act on your desires. This is the second step where most people struggle to get past. As we have discussed, many people are prone to acting based on fears, rather than acting with intention. They dream of how beautiful their life would be if they were to have the proper health they long for, and then when it comes time to work toward achieving that health, they fear that they are not capable of doing it. The biggest problem with this limiting belief is this: your brain is a master at winning at everything that you set out to do. When you limit yourself, your brain masters the art of limiting so well that you genuinely feel as though there is nowhere for you to go and no opportunity for you to achieve anything beyond what you have already achieved. In terms of health, this would lead you to falsely believe that you are not capable of experiencing greater health because it simply isn’t available to you. Based on the law of attraction, however, we can conclude that this is false. The health you desire is available to you.


Receive your blessings. This is actually a very simple step, yet so many people struggle to take control of it. They see the opportunity to finally have what they want, and suddenly all of those old and outdated beliefs trickle back in, and they begin to get feelings of unworthiness, or disbelief. All of the hard work they have invested into acquiring what they want is suddenly failed when the universe hands them what they are looking for, and they self-sabotage out of fear of what it would be like to actually have what they want. Alternatively, they achieve it but they never genuinely accept that fact, so they end up feeling as though they are still the person they were before, often continuing to hold onto this belief until they lose it once again so that they can affirm that they never, in fact, truly had what they wanted. Both of these self-sabotaging behaviors come from not knowing how to genuinely receive what the person wants. Remember, your brain is a master at winning, so if you don’t take the time to believe that you truly will receive what you want, your brain will ensure that it goes away again so that you do not receive it. It never wants to be proven wrong.

So, the best thing you can do is practice receiving! This ultimately comes by keeping your beliefs fierce and protecting them with all of your strength. Begin protecting your dream and believing that it is already yours early on so that when you do have it, it is easier to accept. Then, when you accept it, don’t allow yourself to wallow in feelings of unworthiness or disbelief. Instead, say things like “of course I would achieve such greatness, I win at everything I want!”



this is your opportunity to “give back.” Many people feel as though a simple “thank you” is not enough when we receive something, especially when it is something massive. Gratitude is a great way to say your “thank you” and genuinely mean it. It is the ultimate present you can give back for getting what you have asked for. It can be as simple as saying “thank you” and then genuinely enjoying and taking advantage of what you have been given, or it can come in larger ways, such as actually purchasing a present for someone, taking them for lunch, or otherwise treating them to something nice for your blessing. You can say a prayer, nod your head, or simply feel into the joy that comes from getting what you want. How deep you feel your blessing is up to you, but the more you practice being grateful, the deeper you will feel your blessing. This is important for three reasons. First: it is important because it is good manners, plain and simple. Second, giving gratitude when you are grateful for your circumstances is a great way to show your thankfulness and begin receiving more blessings. It has been proven that people who express gratitude for the things they receive in life are more likely to receive more in the future. Lastly is the third reason: it fills the time between blessings. Between when you receive a blessing you have asked for, and when you are ready to ask for another, it can be easy for this silence to be filled with mental chatter that can take away from your blessing. This is where self-sabotage can come in, resulting in you losing what you asked for. To avoid this, express gratitude.

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